About our Firm

King Liberty LLP is a Chartered Accounting firm with a mandate to provide premium professional services at affordable rates.

Our value-added approach leverages our financial reporting and advisory expertise to take you beyond the financial statements and grow your business. By collaborating with talented associates, we help self-employed individuals, start-up ventures, small and medium-sized businesses, junior public companies and not-for-profit organizations excel in a variety of industries.

The foundation of our firm is based on three guiding principles:


Your professional engagement will be conducted by a Chartered Accountant with a proven track-record who maintains a high level of competence through annual professional development, and high risk engagements will be further reviewed by an independent Chartered Accountant who provides the firm with quality control.


We believe in strategic thinking and thorough analysis, not standardized approaches and shortcuts. Your Chartered Accountant will develop a customized engagement approach that maximizes engagement effectiveness and efficiency to minimize cost and delay.


We are Committed to Your Success™ and operate with your best interests in mind. We value our client relationships and are always available to answer your questions to help you navigate financial matters and obtain maximized results.

Expect More

Our specialized industry knowledge, value-added approach and personal service commitment puts clients' needs first.

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